My Results

If you don't believe that eating within a window of time, rather than eating constantly, can make a difference in your body, check out my before and after below.  

The before is in August of 2015.  The after is the beginning of December 2015.  I will post updates as soon as I can!

Look at my arms, belly, and thighs.  You can see that I lost some fluff around those areas.  And this was with a lot of ups and downs in my diet-- with holidays and birthdays.  Life happens, right?

My results have gotten even better as I learn how to make healthier choices and indulge less frequently.

See February 2016 results-- my stomach has flattened much more, and muscle definition keeps increasing.  

The Window to Eating lifestyle is an easy transition into healthier.  You may not start out eating healthy all of the time, but when you start to see and FEEL a difference in your body, you will want to learn how to make better decisions 80% of the time.  One step at a time!

And of course-- adding fitness and exercise into this makes even more of a difference!

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        Before                 After

        before                 AFter

february 2016


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