Time to Put Your Window to Eating Tutorial into Action!

Make sure you read through your welcome letter and understand what an "eating window" is.  To clarify, it is the number of hours you are actively eating your food.  When the window is closed, you are done eating for the day!  

For example:  I eat my first meal at 10 a.m. and my last meal by 8 p.m.  My eating window is 10 hours.  My window is closed for 14 hours.  

The maximum goal You want to aim for is an 8 hour open window, 16 hour closed window.

But hey, remember, we are all different.  Set your own goal and work towards it!  Work towards a 10 or 12 hour open window then progress to 8.  Take this at your own pace.  Here is a free worksheet you can download and print to keep track of your progress.

Window to Eating Tracker (PDF)

please take the survey you will receive in your email today.  This will help you set your goal for your eating window.

You will also receive a getting started email, as well as a bonus worksheet today!  In case you miss it, I'll give you your bonus right here.

There is no counting calories while making the transition to your window, but it is always nice to have an idea of how much you should be eating.  Just plug in your current weight and voila!  There's your recommended calorie range!

Calorie Calculation Worksheet (Excel File)

Let's get started!