Move your body.  Get RESults.

Welcome to RE:Worked Fitness-- Time to train YOUR Way!

Welcome! Press Play.

It all starts with YOU

Your body, lifestyle, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, mindset, the list goes on.

Appreciate all that defines you.

Fitness and health is not about trying to be someone or something you're not.

Keep it simple. Do what feels right.

It's about taking the body you're in, the life you live, and RE:WORKing it to help you make the positive changes you've been wanting.  

It's time to ignore the social media trends, latest fit must-do's, fad diets, and the "magical" solutions to weight loss. Don't let mainstream ideas intimidate you.

Let's Move. Your Way. 

Let's work together to reshape your body, redefine your health, and revitalize your life!  

Why get re:worked?

The TRUTH:  No 1 answer exists for all of us!  WHY?  Because we are all unique, we are all different!

Different is what makes you YOU! And we can work together to get you moving in a way that fits.  

RE:WORKED training gives you the opportunity to create customized workouts that work for you:

  • Start in your comfort zone
  • Design a routine that works for YOU with the help of a professional
  • Ability to explore options and challenge yourself
  • Change what doesn't work for you at any time
  • Ask questions and get answers
  • Create a schedule that meshes with your life
  • Most importantly-- accountability!

re:shape your body

It takes time but it will happen when you work for it!  

It is simple to start.  It starts with movement. 

Take guided steps to start ReWorking your fitness and creating the body you want. Standard programs include:

  • Aerobic base training for a healthy heart
  • Strength training to improve day-to-day movements
  • Nutritional support and advice
  • Stretching and proper recovery

Depending on your goals, programs are progressed at an appropriate level and rate:

  • Cardio drills and intervals to increase your aerobic efficiency
  • Circuit training and weight lifting to increase strength and redefine those muscles
  • Changing routines to keep you motivated and avoid boredom 

re:define your lifestyle

Being healthy is a lifestyle.  It's time for you to own it! Let's work together to create one that keeps you moving but makes you happy.

There is no short term diet and there is no one day fitness program.  ANYONE can make it a part of their daily life, and it doesn't have to be painful!  


  • You don't have to give up the foods you love
  • You can learn how to add healthy choices rather than take away from what you enjoy
  • It starts with practice of good habits and taking it one week at a time
  • You're a human being, life happens-- you can learn how to cope when you get off track

re:vitalize and feel fantastic

When you start to move your body and make changes that work for your lifestyle, you will feel re-energized!  

Health and fitness isn't all about how you look-- it's about how you FEEL.  Reworking fitness can help you:  

  • Decrease stress
  • Improve your mood
  • Realize your strength
  • Feel powerful
  • Improve your digestion
  • Feel less bloated
  • Feel better in your clothes
  • Feel younger
  • Be confident
  • Sleep better

The fitness program we create together, the changes we make to help you eat better, and the habits we will create for YOU will help you achieve your goals, get the results you are looking for, and feel fantastic in your body.