Keep Track.  Earn Points.

1.  Your Sessions (5 points)

I will be on top of this for you.  As long as you attend all of your scheduled sessions for 4 weeks, you will automatically earn 5 points!  Consistency is key in getting results!

For example, if you are enrolled for 2 sessions per week, you will earn 5 points when you participate in 8 sessions.

2.  Monthly Goal (2 points)

At the start of each 4 week block, let's set a small fitness goal for you to work towards for 4 weeks.  It's always motivating to have something to work towards!

We will set a goal together and at the end of 4 weeks, see how you've progressed.  Learning how to set small, attainable goals over time gets you closer and closer to your major fitness goals!  

Reach your goal and earn 2 points!

3.  Weekly Challenge (1 Point)

Come here every Monday to see what the weekly challenge is.  Did you complete it?  Come back here and fill in your info to earn your point!  Honesty is the best policy!

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4.  Off-Session Check In (1 point)

Fitness is a lifestyle.  Consistency and accountability will help you reach your goals and get results.  I'm here to help, but staying on top of your program is largely dependent on you!  Come here to check-in to your off-session workouts!  

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