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Have a hectic schedule and can't leave home? Have a gym in your building that you'd like to make use of?  

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Serving downtown Seattle, WA. Including Belltown, SLU, and Capitol Hill.

Before working with Cheryl, my goals were to get stronger, improve my posture, and look fitter—especially in my abs and arms. Since working with her, I have increased strength in my arms, legs, and back. My cardio abilities have improved. And my passion to workout, which was lacking before, is now there!

Cheryl is great! She is very professional (on time, creative and high emphasis on safety) and encouraging— which makes it fun and challenging.
— Maya; Seattle WA

RE:WORKED In-Home Rates

I’ve really enjoyed working with Cheryl because she’s an excellent communicator and is able to either demonstrate or talk me through the moves. She’s able to analyze my strengths & weaknesses and target appropriate exercises for me. She always has something new to teach me and she’s super easy to work with. She is always punctual and gives direction well. I highly recommend Cheryl as a trainer.
— PLC; Seattle WA

In-Home FAQs

What is in-home training?

When you sign up for RE:WORKED In-Home, I provide you with my concierge personal training services.  I bring my expertise, support, and customized workouts to you—whether it’s your home, the gym in your building, your favorite spot at the park, you name it! 

Do I need equipment?

For individuals with no access to gym space or equipment, you are not required to purchase any; however, your program design will focus on body weight and resistance band training. Message me if you would like a list of suggested equipment.

Do I need to provide anything?

All you need is your favorite workout outfit, some water and a positivie attitude!  I provide the rest including your exercises, instruction, and motivation to work harder!

What is the difference between RE:Worked training and hiring a personal trainer at a gym?

You still get the expertise, accountability, guidance, and instruction that you would receive with any certified personal trainer at a fitness facility.  However, there are many advantages to in-home training:

1.     Affordability:  there are no membership fees or overhead costs making it more affordable. 

2.     Flexibility:  My schedule is not dictated by a facility, so there is more flexibility for your convenience. 

3.     Design:  There are no gym “cookie cutter” procedures to follow, so I can create a program with variety and structure that works just for you!

4.     Value:  You get full personal training services and never lose sessions.  You are not required to purchase any packages.  If you need to reschedule, no problem.  My services are all about convenience and flexibility while maintaining accountability and motivation to reach your goals!

What you get

Copy of Fitness girl - attractive young woman working out with dumbbells
  • One on one sessions with Cheryl LynN

  • Effective goal setting (SMART GOALS)

  • Flexible scheduling 

  • Custom plans with YOU in mind

  • Off session workouts (if desired)

  • Nutrition tips and support

  • Email/messaging access

Why RE:WORKED Fitness with Cheryl Lynn

My specialty is ACT training to get you Moving, get fast results, keep you excited and motivated, and create a strong body. 

A typical 60 minute session with me consists of 3 blocks of work.

  • Block 1: Warm-up/Steady state cardio

  • Block 2: ACTs that incorporate a variety of fitness categories:

    • cardio

    • strength training

    • functional fitness

    • interval training for aerobic efficiency

    • speed

    • agility

    • power

  • Block 3: Cooldown/Stretch/Flexibility training

All sessions differ depending on what YOU, the client, is looking for.  Want to lose weight? General fitness? Performance goals for an event?  I gotchya covered.  And if it falls outside of my expertise-- I am happy to refer you to the right kind of trainer.

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I’ve known Cheryl for about 5 years. She is so passionate about health and fitness that she drives you to make a lifestyle change. She does not have a cookie-cutter type approach to fitness. Instead, she meets you where YOU are in your journey and tailors the workouts to fit your personal goals. She has inspired me to work harder and to challenge myself inside the gym and out. She has given me tips about food and how to fuel my body to perform better during my workouts. Also, she is all about FORM! Cheryl is constantly reminding me that I should not be grabbing heavier weights if my form suffers. If I can no longer lift a set of heavy DBs, she tells me to drop the weight and keep going. I totally recommend her to be your trainer. Her discipline, knowledge, self-love, positivity, and accountability is all you need.
— Carolina C.

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4.  Decide what works for you, commit, and get RE:WORKED!  

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