Customized training plans with ultimate convenience.  Move your way, anytime, anywhere.

The great thing about RE:WORKEd services is there are plenty of options so you can do what works for YOU!

Concierge Personal Training.  You + Me in your home gym. Available in Downtown Seattle.

Make use of your gym amenities! A great option for beginners who need more guidance OR any fitness fanatics who want to push it to the next level. With me there, you'll have no excuse but to move and work hard!

Online through the Re:Worked Fitness app and site.

Great for anyone who is busy but wants to stay fit. Workout anywhere, anytime. A great, affordable option for all.

In-person + online sessions to reach your health and fitness goals.

Great for those who have gained experience with in-person training but want to take on more ownership of their fitness.

Cheryl is everything you need in a personal trainer. She is super professional - making sure you are doing all the movements right (safety first as she says) and always on time (usually 5 min before the training actually starts). She is creative and brings something new to every training which keeps it challenging and interesting. I work with her app in-between our sessions and she always sends text encouragements whenever I complete a task which drives my motivation up! Every time I asked a question about training/ nutrition/pains she would check and come back with data and sources for me to further explore. She is super serious trainer and I highly recommend her!
— Maya; Seattle WA

RE:WORKED is a different kind of personal training.




RE:WORKED is training that puts the "personal" back in personal training. It's working together to build your fit lifestyle on a foundation of understanding, guidance, and support.


Staying healthy and fit is all about consistency and accountability.  To stay consistent, you need a program that works for your lifestyle and schedule.  You need something that keeps you moving!  If you have any questions, contact me!