Customized training plans with ultimate convenience.  Move your way, anytime, anywhere.

The great thing about RE:WORKEd services is there are plenty of options so you can do what works for YOU!

Concierge Personal Training.  Work with me in-person at your home, gym, or chosen location in Seattle, WA.

A great option for beginners who need more guidance OR any level of fitness.  With me there, you'll have no excuse but to move and work hard!

Online through the Re:Worked Fitness app and site.

Great for anyone who is busy but wants to stay fit.  Workout anywhere, anytime.  A great, affordable option for all.

In-person + online sessions to reach your health and fitness goals.

Great for those who have gained experience with in-person training but want to take on more ownership of their fitness.  
Cheryl is everything you need in a personal trainer. She is super professional - making sure you are doing all the movements right (safety first as she says) and always on time (usually 5 min before the training actually starts). She is creative and brings something new to every training which keeps it challenging and interesting. I work with her app in-between our sessions and she always sends text encouragements whenever I complete a task which drives my motivation up! Every time I asked a question about training/ nutrition/pains she would check and come back with data and sources for me to further explore. She is super serious trainer and I highly recommend her!
— Maya; Seattle WA

RE:WORKED is a different kind of personal training.




RE:WORKED is training that puts the "personal" back in personal training. It's working together to build your fit lifestyle on a foundation of understanding, guidance, and support.


Staying healthy and fit is all about consistency and accountability.  To stay consistent, you need a program that works for your lifestyle and schedule.  You need something that keeps you moving!  If you have any questions, contact me!