RE:balance your nutrition with these tools 

If you're here, You've just carefully read your Guide to nutrition planning and tips.  

As a personal trainer, I am here to answer any questions and educate you on how to make healthy choices!

Remember to always talk to your doctor or a registered dietitian before you change your eating habits or adopt any sort of meal plan.  You'll find many trainers prescribe meal plans to their clients.  This is beyond their scope of practice, so be sure to have the appropriate professionals review any dietary changes!

Your Resources

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1.  Food Diary Record Sheet

Use this to record your daily intake of food for about 2-3 weeks or grab a notebook and start your own diary!  This will help you to become more mindful of food.  You can also you app based food tracking such as MyFitnessPal or MyNetDiary.

2.  Choose My Plate

This site was developed by the USDA to educate people on how to develop healthy eating habits.  You can find many resources here, including food lists, food group information, guides for different ages and lifestyles, and other online tools.

3.  Calorie Calculator A

This is a quick way you can calculate your estimated calorie intake based on your current weight. Just input your weight into the highlighted area under male or female, and see your ranges.  

It is important you do not over-estimate your activity level if you want a realistic calorie intake value to go by!

4.  Calorie Calculator B

It's always nice to use multiple sources!  This is another quick way you can calculate your estimated calorie intake based on your current weight, your goals, and activity level. 

5.  Choose My Plate Daily Food Checklists 

These checklists give you general food amounts to consume based on your age and calorie intake. These are the values you can use to figure out your food equivalents.

6.  Food Equivalents Table (PDF)

7.  Healthy Food List (PDF)

Here is a list of whole, healthy foods to keep in mind as you improve your eating habits!

8.  Reading A Food Label (PDF)

Making reading food labels a habit.  If you have any questions on reading a food label, reach out to me.  I can help!