When I started my eating window, my stomach would be making all sort of noises in the morning!  This is normal, don't panic.

Every morning before I leave for work, I make myself some delicious Constant Comment Green Tea.  It soothes my body and mind (and those crazy growling noises coming from my belly!).  I sweeten it with some stevia.  So delicious, I look forward to it every morning!  After I finish my tea, it is all about drinking water to curb the hunger.  It works, and you need water!!

Find what you like.  Black coffee?  Sparkling water?  Whatever it is, if you love it and look forward to it, it makes the hunger more bearable.

Remember, those hunger pangs you are feeling will go away.  After eating in your window for a couple of weeks, your body will adjust.  The beginning is always the hardest!  Stay strong!