Progressions to Perfection: The Burpee

We all know the Burpee.  A fantastic, challenging move to work the entire body and get the heart rate up.  


But unless you're doing the movement with good form, you are bound to injure yourself or not reaping the results you could be.

The solution:  start simple and progress!

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I always tell my clients, there is no shame in modifying!  It doesn't mean you're slacking or taking the easy way out.  It means you're training SMART.  

You're working your muscles more effectively.  And you're letting your brain connect with your body, creating muscle memory.  Once you get the basic movement, then you can start to progress to the next level-- and continue the process.

The Half Burpee

What is a half burpee?  A burpee without the pushup.  Once you master the progressions of the half burpee, then you can add that push up movement that takes an extra strong and stable core to perform!

So try this beginner to advanced pattern!

Give yourself at least a few days at each level.  Only progress to the 3rd and 4th level if you feel comfortable.  Here is a suggested schedule:

Day 1-3:  Beginner

Day 4-6:  Intermediate

Day 5-8:  Intermediate-Advanced

Day 9-10: Advanced 

Beginner:  Push hips back and down.  Place hands to the floor in line with shoulders.  Walk feet out to plank.  Walk feet back to hands.  Stand.  Squat.
Intermediate:  Jump out to plank instead of walking your feet.  Keep your back flat and core tucked in—don’t let the belly poke out or the lower back arch.  Keep the glutes and legs strong and tight.   Jump your feet back in towards the outside of your palms.  Lift the chest, and out of the bent knee squat position, push up through the heels into a squat jump.  Land with the knees soft—with a light bend.
Intermediate-Advanced:  Add a forward squat jump.  Jump forward and land with weight in the heels and soft knees.  Immediately jump back.
Advanced:  Add a tuck jump.  Keep the knees safe!  Start from a bent knee position.  Jump and drive the knees up towards hip level.  Land with the knees soft.

If you're interested in learning how to progress your fitness the right way, AND stay challenged, find a personal trainer.  Personal trainers provide expertise and motivation to keep going and stay challenged-- the key to getting results.

The Burpee

The full burpee consists of: squat + plank + push-up + squat + jump.

Think of it as adding a push-up to your Intermediate Half Burpee. 

You can bring the knees to the floor during the push-up to take the pressure off of your shoulders.  I find this to help increase speed, which is what we’re going for to work our fast-twitch muscle fibers and get the heart rate up!

Try this after you've completed your 10 Day Half Burpee progression!

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