5 Steps to Make Meal Prep Smooth and Frustration Free

Frustration Free = Worth It.

Do you ever see those fitness folks you follow on social media, posting pictures of their successful meal preps, and it looks pretty but so overwhelming? 

You think to yourself, I would never have the time or patience to do that.

Lucky for you, meal prepping doesn't have to be hard.  You can keep it simple, make sure you get all the foods you need, and stay on track.   You just need to take the right steps to get there.  And once you get in the habit, it will become second nature.  NBD.

5 Steps to Simplify Your Healthy Meal Preps

1.  Invest in Containers

Unless you like to wash dishes every day, buy yourself some meal prep containers.  They aren't too expensive.  They are super convenient especially if you have several meals to eat each day. Then you don't have to meal prep in cycles because you're waiting for clean dishes!  Prep, grab, and go!  You can find them on Amazon-- check these out.

2.  Invest in an Insulated Bag

There are so many options out there, but make sure you get a bag that keeps your food cool and provides enough room for all of your foods.  Carrying multiple bags is no fun.  Eating spoiled food is no fun.  Find one to fit your needs.

3.  Create a Staples List and Customize it Each Week

If you work from a foundation, your grocery shopping and meal prep decisions will be way easier.  Integrate protein, carbs, and healthy fats.  Make a list of foods YOU like that apply to these categories and start from there.

4.  Keep it Simple!

The more complex your recipes become, the less likely you are to take the time to prep (unless you LOVE to cook!).  Stick to simple, whole food ingredients.  Most importantly, season your food so it is satisfying (if you don't know what seasonings go with what foods, check out this article  "Season This With That" for a quick reference guide on what flavors work well with common dishes).  If you want to make your meals more complex, you can add more to the basics you already have.

Clock and calendar

5.  Pick a Day to Get It and Prep It

If you can prep your food in one day for the remaining 6 days of the week, you will feel less stressed and less constrained with time.  Sundays are usually best if you work Monday through Friday and have weekend activities.  BUT choose whatever day works for YOU!  Set a few hours aside to get your shopping and prep done (I always estimate an hour to shop, at least 2 hours to cook)!  And if one day is too overwhelming and doesn't work with your schedule, split it up into 2 days a week. 

Once you get the tools you need-- containers, bag, staples list-- and organize a schedule that you start to practice weekly, meal prep will become effortless.  Smooth sailing!!

Most importantly...

Do what works for YOU!