Get Fit Videos

Need some extra moves to add to your daily workout routine?  Check out my videos below.

* Always be responsible before participating in any exercise.  Read the disclaimer here.*

Full Body Circuit

Do each move for 1 minute.  Repeat 3 or more times.

Here's the full breakdown:

Lower Body

Stand with feet just outside of hips. Slightly bend the knees. Keep the weight in the heels. Tilt from the waist and send that booty back and down into a squat. Raise up slightly, take a big step back, and sink into a lunge. Raise up slightly, release the front heel and rotate into a squat facing sideways. As you come up, put your weight in the leading leg and raise the opposite leg up (abduction) to engage the hip. Land softly into a squat and reverse the movement. Switch sides. 

Upper Body

Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Keep a slight bend in the knees. Tuck the abs in. Roll your shoulders up, back, and down to create stability in your upper body. Keep your elbows tucked in towards your rib cage. Curl the weights to your shoulders.  I'm using 5 lbs, but feel free to use heavier or lighter.  Straighten the arms and press the weights forward. Open the arms and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Bring the arms back together and straight down. 


Practice single knee lifts to get your balance. Raise the weights up and keep them right at shoulder height. Rotate from the torso as you lift your knee. Really squeeze your obliques as you rotate towards the knee. 

Abs Resistance

Add some extra resistance to your abdominal exercises!

Watch the beginning to see how to holster the band around your feet:  lay the band across the top of your feet, wrap around and under, then pull the handles through and tighten.

These are just demonstrations!  Start with as many reps as you can do with each.  Each time you cycle through these exercises, try adding 5 more reps.

Always engage your abs by pulling your navel in towards your spine (don't let the belly release out) and keep your lower back pressed towards the floor.  If your back begins to lift, don't take your legs as low on floor exercises.

Don't let the resistance of the band control you, you control the band!  Slow and controlled will help you engage those abs.

The side plank with leg extension is challenging-- make sure your shoulder, knee, and hips are aligned.  Lift your hip to engage your obliques and keep them lifted as you extend your leg!   Make sure to repeat on the opposite leg!

Lower Body Resistance

Resistance bands add a lot of intensity to your lower body exercises-- they look easy but ooh how they make the legs and booty work!

Here are some simple exercises: squats, abductors, side steps, pulse lunges, slide lunges, sumo squats.

Special notes:

1.  Watch the 3 levels of resistance in the beginning.  Crossing the bands adds a little more.  Bringing the handles to your shoulders and tightening the band adds max resistance (if you don't want to bring it to your shoulders, reach through the handles and grab lower on the band).

2.  Change up the counts on your squats.  Just think 4!

  • 4 counts up, 4 counts down
  • 3 counts down, 1 up
  • 2 down, 2 up
  • 1 down, 1 hold, 2 up
  • 1 down, up halfway, 1 down, all the way up
  • Single up and down

3.  Make sure everything is controlled.  Keep your body steady, engage the core!

4.  Knee safety is so important.  Push that booty back on the squats.  Keep your knees slightly bent and make sure they don't thrust forward past the toes on the lunge exercises.  

5.  Everything you do on the right side of the body, do on the left-- don't be lopsided :)

Crush it!