Choose Balance: Don't Panic About that "Bad" Thing You Just Ate.

Don't Panic About That Fatty, Delicious Thing You Just Ate.  

Does this sound familiar?

"Ugh, I did so bad today, I'll start back up tomorrow."
"I do so well during the week, but when the weekend hits, I turn into a monster."

Maybe this isn't how you would phrase it, but that second one is totally me!  I eat so healthy Monday through Friday(-ish).  I prep my lunches and snacks on Sunday for the work week.  My husband and I grill or cook at home for dinner and keep it healthy.  We don't drink or eat sweets.

BUT when Friday evening arrives, oh boy.  We go out to dinner, have some cocktails and wine, and enjoy each other's company.  Sometimes we go out on Saturday evenings with friends, or go to a family cookout.  If the weather is warm (or sometimes not), we get some ice cream.  We enjoy all of the foods and drinks that make us happy!  And most of the time, delicious brunch happens on Sunday.  It's a weekend feast.

Weekend monsters!  :) And sometimes, exercising goes out the window too.


Yes, we probably shouldn't eat or drink as much as we do sometimes.

But, I have one life to live.  I LOVE food, wine, dining.  I don't want to be so strict 24/7, just to have the perfect body, and miss out on LIFE.

You shouldn't punish yourself for that piece of cake, glass of wine, bacon breakfast, taco Tuesday...the list goes on.  Learn to live with the choices you make.


I know you hear this all of the time, but it really is the best way to keep your health in check and enjoy your life too.

Moderation doesn't mean "oh if I eat this apple, the rest of the day is a free for all."  You really do need to take care of your body to LIVE the life you deserve.

How do you do this?

Create a routine for yourself.

I truly try to live by, at the very minimum, 5 days a week dedication to: exercise 30 minutes a day and good nutrition.  It doesn't always work.  Life happens.  But the MAJORITY of the time, I am healthy 5 days no matter what.

And when you splurge--  you can still limit yourself.  Be healthy during the day, but then enjoy your dinner and drinks.  Go out for brunch, but then eat healthy for dinner.  Try to exercise whether it's going hard, or just a walk around the neighborhood.  But if it doesn't happen, that's OK too.  Soak your relaxation time in on the couch if that's what YOU want to do with that time.

There is no "oh I'll start tomorrow."  There are no days "on" or "off." There is just living with choices YOU make. 

If you choose to eat a cookie, own it!  Live with it, and move on.  Keep going.  That one cookie doesn't end your healthy choices, it's not a "stop" to start from again.  It's just YOU!  And your life is pretty awesome if you live it by your design.

Health is about YOU making decisions.  No one is in charge of your life but YOU.  If you continually decide to eat unhealthy and be lazy, you can't complain about the weight you've gained or the sluggishness you feel.  You create your own lifestyle.

Sometimes we just need help figuring out HOW to create that lifestyle.  That's what I'm here for, or your coach, or personal trainer, or online community, or anyone willing to help you better your life is for!

The only thing you need to START is making the right decisions for YOU!  When you start to choose to make changes, eat healthier 80% of the time, exercise 80% of the time, and live in balance, there is no better feeling than living freely-- without stress, without regret, without disappointment-- YOUR way.