Find Your Middle Ground: Fighting the Extremes and Creating Your Own Fit Happy

The main reason I created Fit to be You was to create an organized, friendly environment for anyone who wants to improve their life through fitness and health.  After years of trying out the gym, bootcamps, fitness classes, and home workout programs, I found my groove.

I feel very fortunate to have developed my focus, to have found what fits me.  I know we live in a world full of a crazy amount of options.  Seems like a good thing right?  Not necessarily.  It can be overwhelming and create a feeling of defeat before you even get started.

In this blog post I want to discuss how to find your focus, let's call it a "middle ground", in the crazy culture-- of fitness crazes, health crazes, diets, social media impact, you name it-- we live in every day.  

But in case you are like "reading this article really won't actively help me" or "meh I ain't got time for this"   I ask you to take one action-- chat with me.  Let's find your way together.  

All I really want to do is help people find their way to happiness through fitness, like I have done for myself.  I want to do it in way that makes each individual-- YOU-- feel good, feel confident.  I am no expert, I want to learn from other people's experiences as well.  So, don't be afraid to send me a message and say Hey Cheryl Lynn what's up?! 

A Culture of Extremes

Why do I want to get to know you?  Because everyone is different, and in order to help you find what you love in the world of fitness, it is so important to recognize individuality.

We live in a culture of extremes, thrown at us every day through the social media that dominates our lives.  It can be super intimidating and sometimes discouraging.  You have ripped, fit to the max people on one end, then overweight, obese on the other.  You have high intensity/high impact, Crossfit, ninja workouts over here, then you have yoga, meditation, low key over there.  Nutrition is just as overwhelming, with so many options and temptations.  There is the fast food/restaurant culture versus the super healthy, restrictive diets.  And everybody has their own opinion on what you should do.  Aarrggh-- time to panic and cry!!

But you don't have to.

Find What Fits You

If you try to take on a program or exercise that will be too hard, too painful, or cause you stress, it will ultimately hurt your health more than it will help.  It is so important to find what YOU love.  When you find your groove, you find confidence.  How you feel when you do something is the most important.  Who cares what anyone else thinks?!

If you focus on yourself, who you are, what makes you feel good, you will find your way to health.  Find a middle ground in a culture of extremes!  You will feel confident, motivated, and happy!  You won't feel the need to compare yourself anymore, because you rock your individuality.

Just remember:  being healthy is most important-- mentally and physically!  You don't need to be the strongest, most ripped, most coordinated, most anything but the best version of yourself.

How Do You Get There?  Find Support from a Friend, Coach, or Mentor

Maybe you don't know where to start.  That is what I am here for!  If you don't want to chat with me, no worries, here is a simple process I have created.  Everyone likes a step by step guide they can apply to get results right??  

Or, I encourage you to find someone, whether its a coach or mentor, that you can relate to, who you feel you would love to have right there with you.  If you can relate to someone, you will feel more comfortable, more confident in their ability to help you move forward.  But you can only do that by opening yourself up to building a relationship.

And hey, you can have mentors from afar!  I have many women that I look up to for different reasons-- confidence, fitness level, personality-- there are several.  I follow them on social media, listen to their podcasts, and invest in their trainings.  I take what they provide and apply it to my life.

People will try to sell you on what they love, the products they believe in.  Most people are providing value in their products to help you get to where you want to be, because that is what they are passionate about.  Of course there are the ones that are just selling, but hopefully you can see through that once you dive in.  Like I always say, shop smart and trust your gut!

What Fits Me

I found my way to my passion through at home fitness programs.  That is why I share them with you here.  I've explored several, but Beachbody keeps me coming back because their programs are so well organized, provide step by step guides, and always include nutrition.  It is a whole package deal.  I don't love every program they have, but I can always find something I like because they incorporate variety.  Each program offered is unique-- what better way to provide for individuality!  That is why I am happy to be an affiliate of the Beachbody organization.  It aligns with the Fit to be You lifestyle.

I also love other programs outside of Beachbody including Les Mills formats and Natalie Jill Fit.  It is all about investing in what you believe will fit you and running with it!  

Don't be afraid to explore, but never feel you have to do something that may push your boundaries too far.  Do what makes YOU feel right!   Some people prefer other environments to workout in, or other types of programs, and that's OK!  It is all about doing what works for you.

Ultimately, YOU matter most.  Let that always be your focus.