5 Easy, Repeatable Steps to Find Your Unique Way to Fit and Keep it Interesting

You can finally find YOUR way to fit.

I remember going to my advisor in college, confused about what to do with my life (I'm still trying to figure it out!).  His response was "you just need to find your passion."  Makes sense-- but how do I do that??  I remember wanting to scream "tell me how to find what that is!"  I was so frustrated and lost.

Trying to figure out how to get fit and healthy without it being so torturous can feel the same.  Not to mention sometimes we hit a rut where we are just BORED.  We need guidance! 

There is so much information out there, it can be entirely overwhelming.  Frustration turns into defeat.  Defeat turns into reverting to a completely unhealthy "I just don't care anymore" mentality.  We've all been there.

It doesn't have to be that way!  A little bit of guidance and some steps to follow can get you there.  

I've created a simple step-by-step process that I like to call "Experimental Fitness."  Following these 5 steps, one by one, will get you to an answer.  The awesome thing about it is there is NO FAILURE.

It is very rare that every single program or type of fitness you decide to try will fit you.  Same goes for our nutrition lifestyles.  We are all different, we are all unique, so what you like may be totally different from what I love. 

So experiment, and keep the process going!  And, what you may hate today at this moment in your fitness journey, you may love in 1 year or 5 years from now when you are at a more advanced stage of your journey.  This process allows you to change up your routine and keep it exciting!

My point: no effort is wasted effort!  Action is progress!

The Experimental Fitness Protocol:

1.  Formulate your question.  

What is the problem you have that you are trying to resolve?  What is your fitness goal?

Experimental Fitness infographic.jpg

2.  Identify the method you want to address your question by getting in touch with who YOU are.  

Don't think about anyone else.  What do you like to do?  What are your unique qualities as an individual? You are the solution!  Your likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses  could shed some light on the type of fitness that would motivate you to be on top of your game.

3.  Run the experiment.  

Pick what you feel is your best option and go with it!  Don't hold back because of uncertainty.  There will always be doubt about "is this program worth it, will I even like it."  That is all part of the process!  Any investment or opportunity to better your health is always worth it in my book.

4.  Make conclusions.  

Now you'll have an answer!  It could be "I love this workout and how I feel after I do it!" or "oh my gosh that was miserable."  The beauty is you have something to work with, not just wonder.

5.  Repeat all steps.

Even if your answer was "nailed it!" your journey doesn't end there.  It's time to keep advancing into the next level of your fit journey. 

Think about it.  You aren't the same person at 20 years old as you are at 30, at 40.  You keep evolving as a human being, it's natural!  So don't stop.

Download a free copy of the Experimental Fitness infographic here so you can save it and come back to it anytime you need to!

The more you go through this process, the more fantastic you will feel.  You'll burn more calories, you'll burn fat, you'll build muscle.  Most importantly, you will learn more about YOU!  You will become a stronger person overall.


Here is an example, taking a situation from my life 6 years ago:

1.  I want to challenge myself and get stronger.  

2.  I like a challenge.  I like programs that are very formatted and have a plan.  I want to workout at home, I really don't want to go to the gym.  People are saying P90x is awesome and gets you totally ripped.

3.  I am going to try P90x at home, my friend wants to do it too so I'll have someone to do it with.  He has the videos, I'll go with it!

4.  I hate this.  It is too long, I don't have the right setup or equipment.  It has only been 2 weeks and I do not look forward to moving on.  I need to be a little stronger before I do this.

5.   I'm going to set this aside and move on to something else. I have the same goals, but I need something a little less challenging.  I'm going to try.....

Long story short, I went on to a workout that was way more suitable for me.  It took me attempting P90x to figure out what I actually wanted (or didn't like). 

I've continued this process non-stop for the past 6 years, going through several programs, and there is no stopping me now.  I've found my momentum.  I LOVE the process!  I learn more about myself, and I never get bored because I've built a library of knowledge and resources all along the way.  I feel confident that I could go back to P90x now and do way better than that first attempt.

If you are having trouble finding options, visit my list of favorite Fitness Programs.  I have used all of these and I continue to build a library as my taste changes.  I've included a little description and review for each.  The great thing about going through this 5 step process consistently is I now have endless options available to suit my mood.  Whatever sounds appealing to do, I can grab and get it done!

If you are still lost, contact me!  I can help you focus, and take you through the process myself.  I am happy to help as many people as possible because I know how good it feels when you find your groove.  I look forward to it! 

Remember, YOU matter most!